With chia and cranberries, sweetened with fruit only.


It all started with rusk! 


ingredients: spelt flour**¹ type 630 (71%), sultanas**, oats**, sunflower oil*, dates**, cranberries* (2%), apple syrup*, chia seeds* (1.4%), sesame**, yeast*, sea salt. ¹SPELT IS A VARIETY OF WHEAT. *=INGREDIENTS PRODUCED FROM CERTIFIED ORGANIC CULTIVATION, **=DEMETER PRODUCED FROM CERTIFIED BIODYNAMIC CULTIVATION, DE-ÖKO-006, EU/NON-EU AGRICULTURE

Sommer Spelt Rusks minis muesli chia cranberry 100g

  • energy kcal/KJ 403/1701
    Fat 8,2 g
    of which are saturated 0,9 g
    carbonhydrate 70 g
    of which sugars 13 g
    fibre 4,7 g
    protein 10 g
    salt 0,82 g