Spelt biscuits with crunchy Demeter-almonds. For our cantuccini we only use plant based ingredients. They taste best with coffee and sunshine.


ingredients: Spelt flour**¹ (48%), beet sugar**, almonds** (18%), sunflower oil*, raising agent: sodium carbonates, sea salt, bourbon vanilla, coriander*, cinnamon*, organe oil*. MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF NUTS, SESAME, EGG AND ALMOND SHELLS. ¹SPELT IS A VARIETY OF WHEAT. *=INGREDIENTS PRODUCED FROM CERTIFIED ORGANIC CULTIVATION, **=DEMETER PRODUCED FROM CERTIFIED BIODYNAMIC CULTIVATION, DE-ÖKO-006, EU AGRICULTURE

Sommer Spelt Cantuccini Biscuits with Almonds 150g

  • Nutritional values per 100g
    energy kcal/KJ 444/1862
    Fat 18 g
    of which are saturated 1,4 g
    carbonhydrate 59 g
    of which sugars 26 g
    fibre 4,2 g
    protein 9,4 g
    salt 0,16 g