Crispy bread chips with salt & pepper, baked instead of deep-fried. Let the crumbs fly! Salt meets aromatic black pepper and pink berries. The result is our wonderfully crispy and oven-baked bread chips that you can’t get enough of.


ingredients: Whole wheat flour**, wheat flour**, sunflower oil**, salt, yeast*, black pepper*, pink berries*, onion*. MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF MILK AND SESAME. *=INGREDIENTS PRODUCED FROM CERTIFIED ORGANIC CULTIVATION, **=DEMETER PRODUCED FROM CERTIFIED BIODYNAMIC CULTIVATION, DE-ÖKO-006, EU AGRICULTURE

Sommer Bread Chips Salt & Pepper 100g

  • energy kcal/KJ 437/1837
    Fat 14 g
    of which are saturated 1,2 g
    carbonhydrate 64 g
    of which sugars 3,0 g
    fibre 8,3 g
    protein 9,7 g
    salt 2,0 g