Puffins are a modern addition to your child’s morning breakfast. A morning from Soligrano will definitely awaken the toddler’s imagination. Puffin will take care of it – a charming representative of the medium water bird species of the alk family, who is the hero of the entire line. When developing the product, we focused on quality and healthy composition, which is why the product does not contain artificial additives, preservatives or glucose-fructose syrup. Chocolate-flavored wheat puffins are the perfect snack for direct consumption as a snack, an addition to milk, fruit, salads or desserts.

Puffins Wheat flavored chocolate is an ideal breakfast product for children. Tasty, but also nutritious. We have covered the crunchy wheat with a chocolate flavor coating that gives it sweetness. The product does not contain glucose-fructose syrup, and the raw materials we used are of the highest quality.

Valuable values:

  • without glucose-fructose syrup
  • no preservatives
  • whole grain

Application method:

  • For direct consumption as a snack, an addition to dairy, fruit, salads or desserts.

The 230 g container contains 9 portions of 25 g.


Wheat  durum puffed (61.6%), sugar, honey (5%), cocoa, vegetable oil, canola burned sugar, cocoa, low-fat, chocolate aroma.

Soligrano Hungry Birds Durum wheat Honey cocoa 230g

  • Nutritional value in 100 g in 25 g %RWS in 25 g
    Energy value 1585 kJ / 374 kcal 393 kJ / 93 kcal 5%
    Fats 2,4 g 0,6 g <1%
    including saturated fatty acids 0,4 g <0,1 g <1%
    carbohydrates 77 g 19 g 7%
    including sugars 36 g 9 g 10%
    Fiber 5,8 g 1,5 g -
    Protein 8,3 g 2,1 g 4%
    salt <0,01 g <0,01 g <1%