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This powder isnt just an ingredient. It's an adventure. Infuse your favourite recipes with the bold natural pigments of the prickly pear. From dazzling confections to savoury delights, the possibilities are endles.

Our prickly pear is your passport to a world of taste and visual extravagance. A true homage to the captivating landscapes where this remarkalble fruit has thrived for centuries. 


Ingredients : Prickly pear powder

Organic Lab PRICKLY PEAR Powder 70g

  • Energi 1466 kJ / 350 kcal

    Fett 0g

    varav mättat fett 0g

    Kolhydrater 90g

    varav sockerarter 65g

    Fiber 25g

    Protein 8g

    Salt 0g

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