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In the realm of gastronomy passion fruit powder has emerged as a secret weapon for culinary artists aiming to tantalize taste buds.  It's concentrated fruity essence brings a tropical flair to a myriad of dishes from pastries and cocktails to sauces and marinades. Incorporate the distinctive taste of passion fruit into your creations. 

Whether sprinkled over desserts or blended into refreshing beverages this powdered treasure adds a zing of flavour that transforms the ordinary into extraordinary.


Ingredients : Passion Fruit powder

Organic Lab PASSION FRUIT Powder 70g

  • Energi 493,7 kJ / 118 kcal

    Fett 0g

    varav mättat fett 0g

    Kolhydrater 23g

    varav sockerarter 11g

    Fiber 6g

    Protein 2g

    Salt 0g

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