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Our Blue Spirulina powder is extracted from Blue-Green Algae. We know that may sound a little, ummm, unappealing, but just trust us. This powder will have you singing the praises of the world's oceans and lakes. It's perfect for smoothie bowls, juices and even colourful lattes ! Helps enhance your muscle strength and performance.


Ingredients : Extract from phycocyanin

Recommended Servings : 1-2 tsp per day

Organic Lab BLUE SPIRULINA powder 50g

  • Per 100g:
    Energy: 382kcal / 1600kJ
    Fat: 0.3g
    Whereof saturated fat: 0g
    Carbohydrates: 56g
    Whereof natural sugars: 5g
    Protein: 38g
    Salt: 1g

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