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Acai powder, derived from the nutrient-rich acai berry, is a culinary gem that introduces a deep and luscious purple hue to a variety of dishes. Finely ground from the pulp. Known for its robust pigmentation, acai powder possesses the ability to saturate a range of culinary delights, from smoothie bowls and desserts to beverages and sauces. The powder enables chefs to showcase their creative flair transforming ordinary dishes into visually striking works of art.


Ingredients : Organic Acai powder

Organic Lab ACAI BERRY Powder 70g

  • Per 100g:
    Energy: 410kcal / 1715kJ
    Fat: 46g
    Whereof saturated fat: 11g
    Carbohydrates: 32g
    Whereof natural sugars:0g
    Protein: 10g
    Fiber: 53g
    Salt: 0g

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