TASTIER AND HEALTHIER WAY OF EVERYDAY SNACKINGThis super-tasty crunchy snacks are made with wholegrain, simple and natural ingredients, to give you fun with it’s crazy shapes, and boost your energy when your day speeds upNATURAL , TASTY & FUN

Ingredients: wheat flour T 850, wheat flour T500, non-hydrogenated palm oil, wholemeal oat flour (4%), corn grits, wholemeal wheat flour (2,8%), sunflower oil, salt, linseeds (1,5%), dough raising agent: (corn starch, sodium hydrogen carbonate and disodium diphosphate), dough raising agent: sodium bicarbonate, spice extract. May contain: peanuts, hazelnuts, sesame seed and soy.

Nutribella Crunchy Snack Oat Flour and Linseed 70g

  • nergy: 2277 kJ / 545 kcal
    Fats: 30,6 g
    of which:
    – saturated
    fatty acids:
    6,5 g
    Carbohydrates:  59,1 g
    of which:
    – sugars:
    0,8 g
    Fiber: 4,3 g
    Proteins: 8,3 g
    Salt: 2,8 g