Dark FIT bread with its properties is real nutrient bomb for the body. Its up to 12% fibre content contributes to the improvement of bowel function and maintaining a slim figure. Also this bread covers 25% of vitamin E demand. Enriched with fashionable chia seeds, Williams’ lovegrass and gluten-free oats.

Ingredients: sourdough (buckwheat flour, rice flour, water), water, seeds 7,9% (sunflower, quinoa, linseeds), starches (tapioca, potato, maize), rapeseeds oil, vegetable fibre (bamboo, potato, apple, psyllium), inverted sugar, teff flour, glutenfree oat flakes, eggs white, yeast, thickeners (xanthan gum, carboxymethylcellulose), salt, cane mollasses, caraway powder.

Incola Vitalfit Gluten Free Brown Bread with Seeds & Superfoods 200g

  • Energy value: 1208 kJ / 290 kcal    
    Fat: 13,9 g    
    of which saturates: 1,2 g    
    Carbohydrates: 30,4 g    
    of which sugars: 2,8 g    
    Fibre: 10,9 g    
    Protein: 5,1 g    
    Salt: 1,37 g    
    Vitamin E: 4,4 mg