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Ingredients: gluten free oat flakes.  Gluten-free product  Allergens: allergen free product.

Net weight: 400 g


Gluten-free oat flakes made of gluten-free oat from controlled cultivations. Gluten level is below 20 ppm. Oat flakes feature a quick and healthy breakfast. With some boiling water they make a delicious porridge. They go well with milk, yogurt, honey or fruits. Perfect for sweet pastries and wholegrain bread.

Incola Gluten Free & Vegan Oat Flakes 400g

  • Energy value: 1545 kJ / 367 kcal    
    Fat: 6,2 g    
    of which saturates: 1,0 g    
    Carbohydrates: 60,5 g    
    of which sugars: 1,2 g    
    Fibre: 9,7 g    
    Protein: 12,3 g    
    Salt: 0,02 g
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