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Ingredients: Water, starches (potato starch, maize starch, tapioca starch), flours (rice flour, maize flour), sunflower oil, yeast,  egg white powder (eggs), humectants (glycerine), sugar, vegetable fiber (psyllium), salt, thickeners (hydroksypropylmethylcellulose, xanthan gum), inverted sugar, preservative (calcium propionate).

Allergens: may contain milk protein.

Net weight: 130 g (2x65g)

Incola Gluten Free Hot Dog Rolls 2 x 65g

  • Energy value: 1501 kJ / 356 kcal    
    Fat: 8,8 g    
    of which saturates: 1,0 g    
    Carbohydrates: 62,0 g    
    of which sugars: 3,2 g    
    Fibre: 4,4 g    
    Protein: 4,8 g    
    Salt: 2,0 g
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