Always fresh and soft multigrain bread. This bread contains chia seeds that provide a huge amount of nutrients and a small amount of calories. Low sugar content, low saturated fat content, source of dietary fibre and vitamin E.

Ingredients: water, starches (maize, tapioca, potato), millet sourdough, rapeseeds oil, seeds – 5,2% (linseeds, millet, sunflower seeds, chia seeds), vegetable fibre, egg’s white powder (eggs), rice and buckwheat bran, sugar, yeast, reed molasses, thickener (xanthan gum, carboxymethylcellulose), humectant (glycerine), salt.

Incola Gluten Free Fresh Bread with Chia Seeds 350g

  • Energy value: 1092 kJ / 262 kcal    
    Fat: 11,2 g    
    of which saturates: 1,0 g    
    Carbohydrates: 28,3 g    
    of which sugars: 2,6 g    
    Fibre: 13,1 g    
    Protein: 5,4 g    
    Salt: 1,18 g    
    Vitamin E: 2,33 mg