A bread that is always fresh and soft, with a hint of cumin. With its low content of sugar and saturated fatty acids as well as high fibre content this bread is an exceptionally valuable product.

Ingredients: water, starches ( maize, tapioca, potato), millet sourdough, rapeseeds oil, vegetable fibre, eggs white (eggs), rice and buckwheat bran, sugar, yeast, reed molasses, thickener (xanthan gum, carboxymethylcellulose), salt, humectant (glycerine), caraway (0,8%).

Product is packed in a protective atmosphere. Gluten-free product.

Incola Gluten Free Fresh Bread with caraway 350g

  • Energy value: 958 kJ / 228 kcal    
    Fat: 8,8 g    
    of which saturates: 0,5 g    
    Carbohydrates: 33,6 g    
    of which sugars: 3,5 g    
    Fibre: 5,6 g    
    Protein: 3,4 g    
    Salt: 1,32 g