You can now nibble on your favorite chickpea curry! Rediscover the dream couple and enjoy our healthy chickpea snack with mild, fruity curry spices.

  • fat-free roasted chickpeas
  • fruity and mildly seasoned
  • with 18g protein and 28g fiber per bag
  • naturally organic & vegan

By the way: We source our chickpeas from organic farming in Italy.



Chickpeas*, curry spices (coriander*, cumin*, turmeric*, garlic*, paprika sweet*, cinnamon cassia*, fenugreek seed*, ginger*, mustard seed*, black pepper*), gum arabic*, salt *from controlled organic sources cultivation

Hulsenreich Curry coated Chickpeas 90g

  • nutritional values Specification per 100 g
    calorific value/energy 1,286kJ/308kcal
    fat 6g
    hereof: saturated fatty acids 0.9g
    carbohydrates 28g
    of which sugars 1.3g
    fiber 31g
    protein 20g
    salt 2.5g