Ingreditens : Ground Dates


Date powder is a real Hester's Life curiosity!

We offer a flavoring that is made from 100% dates, nothing more than dates ground into powder. It provides an excellent natural alternative to replace sugar, brown sugar, honey and other sweeteners.

It has a uniquely high fiber content among basic ingredients for sweetening, so it enriches the fiber content of the desired recipe. In addition, its simple usability makes it perfect for tossing any smoothie, porridge, cake or food with ease.

Its pleasant, slightly caramel-like taste is guaranteed to make every recipe exciting!

Hesterslife Date Powder 300g

  • Average nutritional value 100g
    Energy 1602 kj / 383 kcal
    Fat 0.5 g
    - of which saturated
    fatty acids
    0.5 g
    Carbohydrate 92 g
    - of which sugars 68 g
    Fiber 7.0 g
    Protein 3.0 g
    Salt 0.40 g