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Fruity, fresh, sweet slice, in which you will find real lyophilized (freeze-dried) strawberry pieces! In addition to real strawberry pieces, beetroot powder provides its beautiful color, so this tasty slice is even healthier! Don't worry, you won't notice anything apart from this beautiful color, the slice will combine in your mouth as a real strawberry, sweet and creamy taste.

Abso ZERO Protein bars STRAWBERRY 40g

  • General nutritional value 100g / one portion 40 g
    Energy 1636kJ / 654kJ
    Energy 391kcal / 156kcal
    Fat 20.2g / 8.1g
    Of which saturated fatty acids 7.8g / 3.1g
    Carbohydrate 18.2g / 7.3g
    Of which sugars 4.2g / 1.7g
    From which I make polyols 8.1g / 3.2g
    Fiber 23.5g / 9.4g
    Protein 25.7g / 10.3g
    Salt 0.52g / 0.21g
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