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Hmmm, yummy peanut butter. If even the mention of it makes your mouth water, then you're in the right place! AbsoBAR ZERO with peanut butter is like dipping your favorite peanut butter in chocolate and taking it with you anywhere! In fact, it's even better, since it also contains protein and a lot of fiber! You can even replace a small meal with it, but if you are a true gourmet, slice it on top of your porridge or smoothie. 

Abso ZERO Protein Bars PEANUT BUTTER 40g

  • General nutritional value 100g / one portion 40 g
    Energy 1636kJ / 654kJ
    Energy 391kcal / 157kcal
    Fat 19g / 7.6g
    Of which saturated fatty acids 8.2g / 3.3g
    Carbohydrate 17.6g / 7.0g
    Of which sugars 5.0g / 2.0g
    From which I make polyols 7.7g / 3.1g
    Fiber 24.7g / 9.9g
    Protein 28.1g / 11.2g
    Salt 0.56g / 0.23g
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