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An especially delicious protein bar, inspired by the English Banoffee Pie banana caramel dream cake, is the  AbsoBAR ZERO Banoffee Pie bar  . It is made with real bananas and contains only natural sugars and some sweeteners. The taste is phenomenal and the protein content is outstanding. Thanks to its fiber content, it fills you up for a long time and contributes to proper digestion, so it can be great with breakfast, before/after training, or even as a snack. If you like fruity-sweet-dessert slices, then he will be the right choice for you!

Abso ZERO Protein Bar BANOFFI PIE 40g

  • General nutritional value 100g / one portion 40 g
    Energy 1739kJ / 695kJ
    Energy 418kcal / 167kcal
    Fat 21.6g / 8.64g
    Of which saturated fatty acids 7.7g / 3.08g
    Carbohydrate 17.6g / 7.04g
    Of which sugars 9.3g / 3.72g
    From which I make polyols 4.2g / 1.68g
    Fiber 23.g / 9.2g
    Protein 27g / 10.8g
    Salt 0.58g / 0.23g
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