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Why is AbsoBCAA special?

AbsoBCAA is special because:

  • Vegan and made with fermentation:  AbsoBCAA is made from corn, using a fermentation process in Europe.
  • They are of premium quality:  cheaper or lower quality BCAA products are usually of animal origin (from animal body parts with a high keratin content, e.g. bird feathers, hair, skin or nails are common) and are typically made in China using a non-fermentation process.
  • It has an extremely high protein content:  When comparing prices, check the percentage of BCAAs in the product you are buying. AbsoBCAA has an extremely high BCAA content, a 13g serving contains 10g of BCAA. An average manufacturer's product is 5-6g.
  • It has a very delicious green apple taste:  our customers so far have given very positive feedback about the taste of the product, you can enjoy every sip!

Abso VEGAN BCAA Green Apple 300g

  • AbsoBCAA flavoring Green apple
    100g / one portion (13g)  
    Energy 1557kJ / 202 kJ
    Energy 371kcal / 48kcal
    Fat 0.0g / 0.0g
    Of which saturated fatty acids 0.0g / 0.0g
    Carbohydrate 1,5g / 0,2g
    Of which sugars 0,1g / 0,01g
    Rost 0.0g / 0.0g
    Protein 76.9g / 10g
    Only 0.0 g / 0.0 g
    Leucine 38,4g / 5g
    Answer 19,2g / 2,5g
    Isoleucine 19,2g / 2,5 g
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