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"White chocolate caramel protein is my absolute favorite, I've tried many vegan proteins since I discovered my milk protein sensitivity, but the taste of this one is unsurpassed. In addition, it's very creamy, dissolves easily and is not as weirdly suffocating as other brands' products." Anchovies

White chocolate and caramel - AbsoProtein with perhaps the most unique taste so far has arrived in the shop! Just the smell of it makes our taste buds dance and our imagination starts. Several things come to mind about him. We imagine a divinely delicious white chocolate mousse poured over the neck with a caramel sauce while sipping or spooning the delicious creamy protein. We love its unobtrusive sweet taste and caramel accompaniment, which somehow instantly puts us in the Christmas mood. The other thing it reminds us of is a melting white chocolate-vanilla ice cream, as it mixes with the caramel sauce at the bottom of the glass.

Mmmm, of course, all this is brought to you in a much healthier, sugar-free and protein-rich version by White Chocolate Caramel Absorice protein powder.

Abso Protein Shake White Chocolate Caramel 500g

  • Energy 1653kJ / 496kJ / 7%
    Energy 381kcal / 114kcal / 7%
    Fat 3g / 0.9g / 1%
    Of which saturated fatty acids 0.9g / 0.3g / 1%
    Carbohydrate 13.8g / 4.14g / 1%
    Of which sugars 0.2g / 0.06g / 0%
    Fiber 9.7g / 2.91g / -
    Protein 72g / 21.6g / 43%
    Salt 1.8g / 0.5g / 8%
    *Daily intake reference value for one serving
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