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"Chocolate protein is my favorite - it's like a liquid brownie! I love it because of its unassuming, pleasant, creamy taste! It's the winner for me, 10/10!" Petra

"I've been consuming proteins for a while now, but the change you just made with the protein...something DIVINE!!! It will have the texture and taste of some divine cream or pudding. I hope it stays like this forever because it's something brutally good! I'll use this for the rest of my life I want to eat it. No other vegan protein can match it now." Buttercup

Abso Protein Shake Chocolate 500g

  • General nutritional value 100g/one portion (30g)/NRV*
    Energy 1618kJ / 485.3kJ / 6%
    Energy 385kcal / 115.5kcal / 6%
    Fat 7.6g / 2.3g / 3%
    Of which saturated fatty acids 2.5g / 0.8g / 4%
    Carbohydrate 8.2g / 2.5g / 1%
    Of which sugars 0.7g / 0.2g / 0%
    Fiber 7.9g / 2.4g / -
    Protein 72g / 21.6g / 43%
    Salt 2g / 0.6g / 10%
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