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The ABSO MOVE BAR was developed to serve as an immediate source of energy for you. It is excellent for  filling up your energy stores before/during/after sports , as  thanks to its rapid absorption  , the body can utilize the  carbohydrates in it in a very short time - from which you gain energy .  And thanks to the protein  in it (12.3g/slice),  the building and regeneration of your muscles is ensured after sports and exercise .


Abso MOVE Capuccino Protein Bar 35g

  • 100g / one portion 40 g  
    Energy 1673kJ / 669kJ
    Energy 400kcal / 160kcal
    Fat 21,2g / 8,5g
    Of which saturated fatty acids 8.9g / 3.6g
    Carbohydrate 17.4g / 7.0g
    Of which sugars 4.7g / 1.9g
    From which I make polyols 8,1g / 3,2g
    Rost 23.3g / 9.3g
    Protein 26.6g / 10.7g
    Only 0,50g / 0,20g
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