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The perfect harmony of hazelnut cream and salted caramel, combined with a crunchy experience. The Abso Layered Bar has arrived! It is simply perfect inside and out: the cocoa coating gently melts in your mouth, the cream with a soft salty caramel flavor perfectly complements the chocolate-hazelnut cream slice. All this will be complete with the crunch of the crispy fur.

Abso Layered Protein Bar Hazelnut & Caramel 50g

  • General nutritional value 100g / one portion 50g
    Energy 1436kJ /399kcal// 834kJ/199kcal
    Fat 21g/11g
    Of which saturated fatty acids 8,4g/4,2g
    Carbohydrate 19g / 9g
    Of which sugars 3.8g / 1.9g
    From which I make polyols 5,2g/ 2,6g
    Rost 23g/ 11g
    Protein 23g / 12g
    Only 0,52g / 0,26g
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