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Are you a COCONUT FAN ? Then you're in the right place! We have prepared the favorite of coconut fans! ABSO COCOBAR filled with delicious COCONUT CREAM ! Oh, it 's VEGAN!  In addition, it is FREE of all kinds of added SUGAR , artificial  PRESERVATIVES and AROMA .

Covered with CRISPING massive CHOCOLATE , real chocolate intoxication, of course vegan and LACTOSE FREE!

The filling is sweet and creamy, soft and really coconutty. Just close your eyes and imagine yourself on a tropical island. A caressing sea breeze, coconut palms everywhere, you walk barefoot in fine sand while you taste COCOBAR, Abso's newest DESSERT SLICE . Need more? Hardly! Try it yourself today!

Abso Coconut Dessert Bar 35g

  • Energy 1861.3 kJ / 451 kcal
    Energy 651 kJ / 158 kcal
    Fat 33.7g / 11.8g
    saturated fat 26.4g / 9.2g
    carbohydrate 22.9 g / 8 g
    Sugar 7.6g / 2.7g
    polyols 8.4g / 2.9g
    fiber 25 g / 8.8 g
    protein 3.2g / 1.1g
    salt 0.19 g / 0.07 g
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